By: Laurel Renee

I dive into the sea of your eyes.

It’s a potion of temptation.


You ask me to come close and I listen.

This is a mistake, but how could I have known?

Secrets not divulged eat away at you.

You never tell me until you burst with emotion.


Talking of yourself as if you’ve been cursed.

Love and friendship ripped from your hands, your heart, your soul.

Apathy muddles your pain,

But the fog fades when we touch.

I let my mind haze as we dance to instrumentals.

This is the beginning of the end.

I will never see you again.

I did not know you were breaking down.

I did not know you were falling apart.

How was I to know you were already gone?

Your secrets are killing you, so unable to open up.

Until you open up, then I wise up.

Did you ever want me?

Don’t say I’m too good for you,

Then all I want to do it change.

For you.

I can’t be the person you want but I’ll sure as hell try.

But you don’t want me anymore, only the idea.

I’m too much to handle,

Too much to think about, dream about.

Your soul is nonexistent, you can’t feel my heart ache.

The fog is thick and murky. I can’t see you, you can’t see me.

We are strangers.

I no longer live in your world.

I’ve been taken to the brink, the edge of anguish.

With the potion of temptation,

I’ve been poisoned.


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