Welcome to Quiet Complexity

Quiet Complexity is a very personal blog. This page is about mental health, mental illness and my own struggles with Depression.

The intent of this blog is to give true, raw insight into my life living with mental illness. I feel that the most quiet and reserved human beings have the most to say. This is not only an outlet for me to write my story, but a way of outreach to those that feel the same way I feel. My hope is that through this blog, individuals and families struggling with mental illness will find that they are not alone in their suffering.

Depression and its symptoms are not a game. It is real, it is terrifying, and it can even paralyze a life once known to be happy, productive and promising. I have lived with depression for 10 years. Some days are great, some days are neutral, and some days I can’t even fathom leaving my bed. It’s simply part of the illness.

Even though Depression can seem simple (being sad sounds simple enough, right? Wrong), it’s one of the most complex things I have ever dealt with in my life. Until now, I’ve kept pretty quiet about my struggle, but that ends today.

Welcome to my blog.